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Research an important objective of Life Courses in Context project

One of the aims of the Life Courses in Context project is to conduct research using the Census database, cooperating with national research institutes and universities. By studying these data, new insights will be gained on the Dutch community in a period of rapid industrialization and urbanization during the middle of the nineteenth and the twentieth century.

Research Programme
In the Research programme of this project seven different subjects with respect to the Dutch Population registers and censuses are outlined:

  • Social inequality in health and mortality
  • Social movements and change
  • Culture, religion and education
  • Households and changing labour realtions
  • Social mobility and the life course
  • Migration
  • Methodological issues of data-integration across levels of aggregation
For more information about the research programme of the Life Courses in context project, see the document mentioned below.

Onderzoeksprogramma Life Courses in Context project [pdf] (55 KB)

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